Flowy & Showy

A new accessible Freedom

When West coast attitude meets French coast style…

Drapé is the exact opposite of a stiff suffocating uniform, it embodies the strength of shapeshifting; by design, it adjusts to any body shape and movements to create an always living and flattering silhouette.

Drapé breaks free with the constraints of the modern fashion, liberating people from the standards.
The flowy fabric and the loose cut are so forgiving ; it always looks sexy. 

Drapé makes you feel confident, chic and glam whether you are at home, by the pool or at a cocktail party or at a sexy nighty.

Drapé is for everyone no matter you gender, your body shape or your lifestyle. Easy to drape on, it is the perfect anything anywhere cover up.

Worn open, belted or whatever your way… the result is always flowy & showy.

Sexy Sustainability

Each of our Drapé is made out of dead stock fabric, completely renewed.
We recycle waste instead of creating new one. A completely sustainable approach to fashion. So we can be bitchy yet not guilty.
It also means that when we run out of stock of the print, it is over. This makes each of our drapé good for our planet and a unique collectible for you.

We believe in dreams and dreamers.
For each Drapé you purchase, we are giving back to our community. Because we were born with the help of our community. We are so grateful for that and we want to make sure that we can help other dreamers come through. A true fashion that cares!


Magic … One last thing,
Historically Greek and Roman gods use to wear drapes. Maison Drapé  is godsent …This is divine !
So channel your inner magic and use your power to create a better world in Drapé ;)